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Is there a monkey in the picture?

BTW I’m feeling low, its my 12th instameet overall combining @instagram_ahmedabad @instagram_rajkot and @instagram_jamnagar ‘s and I’ve clicked less than 12 photos in this meet.

में तोह किसीको मू दिखने के काबिल ना रहा :P

#igr_im3 #pradyumanpark


Last and final call for #Instameet #Rajkot Igers.
Please take entry by 2:45pm
Registration time: 2:50pm to 3:00pm

Don’t forget to bring your friends, family and kids. The more the merrier :) .

P.S.: If it rains tomorrow, we will have rainmeet, no photography. Bring Umbrella, Rainsuit and Polythene bag according to your need.

Don’t forget:
Venue: Pradyuman Zoological Park
Date: 20-7-2014 Sunday, tomorrow
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Dress Code: Yellow T-shirt/Shirt
Hash: #igr_im3 #pradyumanpark

*Entry Ticket and Camera charges to be borne by the individual.

Photo by: @rushit_sheth

Much awaited #weekend

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